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Fast and effective translations

Josetta┬« is a translation manager for multilingual Joomla!® web sites. Easy to use for translators, future proof as all translations are stored as regular Joomla! content, it makes the complete translation process more efficient.

Josetta frontend translation page

Single page translations overview

A simple frontend view gives translators a list of existing items and their translation status. This view also exists in the backend for admins. All Joomla! data can be translated including articles, categories and menu items. Other extensions can also use Josetta. K2 has built-in support for Josetta.

Translators concentrate on translation

Only fields (ie title, text, meta data) that should be translated are presented to translators. Josetta automatically takes care of setting Joomla! associations.

Free automatic translation with Bing

Open a free account with Bing translator and Josetta will use it to provide machine-assisted translation at the click of a button, while preserving html formatting. Translators can then review translation and validate. Arguably the most efficient way to translate web site content!

Your translations are safe

All content translated with Josetta is just regular Joomla! content. All translated content can also be edited using Joomla! backend or frontend regular editing features. No more 3rd-party extensions data lock up.

Keep your site performance up

Contrary to using 3rd-party content translation tools, Josetta doesn't add any overhead to your site front end. Translations are regular Joomla! items, displayed at full speed

Automated import from Joomfish

Automatically transfer original and translated content from Joomla! 1.5 sites running Joomfish. Include articles, sections, categories and menu items.

Simple access control

Easily assign translators to one or more specific languages. Language groups are created automatically.
"Josetta is a great add-on to use with native translation for J2.5. Do not compare it with Joomfish, because that is a complete alternative way to make translations. Josetta is a very good component, and, very important for me as web site developer, great support!"
Harry B.
"...After switching back from Drupal to Joomla for some sites, I am happy to use Josetta and have friends work with Joomla work-flow on the front-end without messing up my sites."
Fas K.
"Josetta promises to be the dominant extension for Joomla multilingual translation work. "Future proof" is true, as this extension respects the direction that the Joomla framework as opted to go as far as multilingual content."
Jason R.