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A view of 4Video used to embed the 4SEO Getting started guide

4Video, a free high-performance video embed module for Joomla


Hi all,

This is a quick post to first wish you a happy new year, if this is a new year for you. And second to announce the release of a free Joomla module.

We developed 4Video initially for use in 4SEO and 4SEF.  But we also have been embedding videos on weeblr.com for a long time already, using the usual YouTube or Vimeo embed code.

And these common methods have proven to be under-performing, causing Cumulative Layout Shift errors on each page we were using videos. So I decided to convert our 4SEO video embed code into a regular Joomla module and so here is 4Video.

On top of performing really well for Core Web Vitals, it also has a secret weapons: you can define very easily an active table of content sidebar:

4video vimeo embed with jump points

Just head over to the bottom of 4SEO product page to see it in action. Here is how you set it up in your module settings:

 4video jump points configuration

4Video is available to download for free right now. It's fully documented (4Video doc is here), although you probably won't need documentation really.