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#6597 – Keywords Tags

Posted in ‘Pre-sale questions’
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Thursday, 05 September 2019 04:51 UTC
Why is 404SEO offers field "Keywords Tags". According google it should not have any impact on google ranking. Same for title and description. Why is it even there if you warm users not to touch it because they can do more harm. What is the purpose of sh404SEF?

"Google has ignored the keywords meta tag for years and currently we see no need to change that policy." Matt Cutts, Search Quality Team Google
Monday, 09 September 2019 10:29 UTC

That input field still exists for 2 main reasons:

- there are other search engines than Google, most notably Baidu is supposed to still use this to some extent.
- the field can be used for other purposes such as by Joomla extensions to "find similar items" for instance

As "keywords" is not an SEO factor, we do hide it by default on the main "Title and meta" page.

Best regards
Monday, 09 September 2019 10:32 UTC
Hi again,

Sorry, I missed some parts:

Same for title and description
very different for title and description:

- title is a ranking factor, however small and just one of many. It also participates in conversion as it's often displayed directly in search results
- description is also important for conversion as it may be displayed in search results.

Both items are things you want to pay attention to and sh404SEF helps you with that. Description can actually be auto-created if your writers cannot/don't want to write it, but we do recommend a manually written description whenever possible.

Best regards
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