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#6111 – I have purchase sh404SEF and I have no subscription in my account

Posted in ‘Pre-sale questions’
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Monday, 20 April 2015 08:10 UTC

I have purchased SH404SEF on last Thursday, 16th of April by Paypal.
I posted here a message on the same day and since, I have no reply from you.
Obviously, my first post has not been take into account, it doesn't appear !
Since my purchase, I don't see anything in my dashboard. I have always the message I have no subscription.
Although I have the tow update key in my account.
Can you help me please asap ?

Thank you very much for your prompt reply

Monday, 20 April 2015 11:33 UTC

Indeed this is the only message we see from you. We have no trace of a subscription for you, paid or pending, and Paypal doesn't show any payment on April 16 with a name or an email similar to yours.
I suggest you contact us directly by email (address in footer of this page), attaching your Paypal receipt. With the Paypal transaction ID, we should be able to figure things out.

Monday, 20 April 2015 13:36 UTC

Thank you very much for your prompt reply.
Indeed, I realised that my first message was not validate, probably an error from me, I apoligize for this.
Following your message, I just have consulted my Paypal Account. They really take into account my purchase (see attached).
Except that, as I am not very easy with Paypal because I don’t often use this mean of payment, and I realized that I chosed the payment by default, that’s to say, by the bank account directly, instead of chosing payment by credit card, which is immediate.
So, my bank will pay you within 15 days, that’s to say around 5th may, and this doesn’t suit me !

Please, find here enclosed, my proof of payment, and a screen of my Paypal account.

On this base, could you think it would be possible to activate my puchase on Weeblr ?
Otherwise, my Paypal correspondant has suggested the vendor (=you) cancel the purchase by refunding Paypal : but, if I understand your explanation, you have no trace of paypal activity regarding my purchase, is it exact ?
We would be able to cancel the first purchase, and on my hand, I would have start again the transaction by selecting credit card payment.

What do you think it is possible to do to save time ? I have to make redirection as soon as possible on my site.

Awaiting for your reply and receive my apologize for this,

Best regards,

Monday, 20 April 2015 14:06 UTC
Hi Nathalie,

I'd suggest the following:

1 - Please contact us by email (! do not post paypal records here, this is a public place
2 - You didn't attach your paypal statement. But, we have strictly no record of your payment so we can't refund you.
3 - Yes, if you can, you should cancel the payment on your side
4 - Try again. If possible do NOT use paypal. Use the default payment: Stripe. Just enter you credit card details. Payment is instant and much easier than with Paypal

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