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#8852 – sh404sef - 404 Failed to download package.

Posted in ‘SEOInfo and other Weeblr extensions’
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Monday, 20 June 2022 15:02 UTC
I have a problem with downloading sh404sef upgrade, current version that I am using is Here is an image of the error: I am using Joomla! 3.10.9 and PHP 7.4. I also want to note that I didn't had any problems with installing other plugins so issue with permissions or connecting with a http client isn't a problem. I received a subscription key from the client so it isn't on my account, but if we can somehow validate it contact me. I've entered the subscription key in the configuration section following  your tutorial (both access key and secret key are entered with subscription key), here is a section where it is added:   Is subscription key tied to the domain? Can I use it in a local environment (which I'm currently trying before deploying it to the production server). Thanks in advance! Vidoje
Monday, 20 June 2022 15:31 UTC


Subscriptions are not tied to a domain. sh404SEF is GPL-licensed, like Joomla and no restriction can be applied to its use (the same apply to all Joomla extensions ,you can always use them on as many sites you want).

However we do not provide support here for sh404SEF. Support is provided to users with a valid subscription, which lets you access the dedicated sh404SEF forum. Please open a ticket there after loggging with a proper, susbcribed account.

I have a problem with downloading sh404sef upgrade,

There was no image and you did not say what you mean by "problem downloading". Downloading from the site? Updating to a new version from inside your client site using the Joomla updater?

Either way, you'll need a valid subscription to download/update:

- your update key is obtained as described in the documentation on this page

- you paste it in the corresponding input field in sh404SEF (you mention 2 fields, access and secret key, that would be a fairly old sh404SEF version)

The update key is used to check if the corresponding subscription is still active. This suggests that your client subscription may not be active.

Best regards

Yannick Gaultier

weeblr.com / @weeblr


Best regards

Yannick Gaultier

weeblr.com / @weeblr


Monday, 20 June 2022 19:48 UTC
Greetings Yannick, Thank you for the fast reply. For some reasons my photos weren't uploaded in the ticket, propably beacuse I uploaded it with copy/paste from screenshoot clipboard, you would've seen that I was downloading an update from the Joomla updater. Anyways I will try to validate the subscription key, and if I still have any issues I will proceed with the dedicated sh404SEF forum.   All the best.
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