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#6758 – Selecting specific pages on wbAMP

Posted in ‘Other Weeblr extensions’
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Friday, 26 May 2017 17:41 UTC
Hi, I just installed the full version of wbAMP and I'm very impressed so far, but I like to know how to apply the plugin to just a couple of pages. Also, I like to know how can I do some minor modifications to the default template, or maybe you have a sample of a template I can buy for AMP.

Jorge B.
Friday, 26 May 2017 17:51 UTC
Hi Jorge

Thanks for your nice comments. The "Select page" tab of the config should let you do that. Pleas refer to the documentation on this page for more details.

You can override absolutely everything that wbAMP outputs on any page, by using Joomla standard Jlayout overrides. See more details on this page of the documentation.

We do not sell templates per se at this moment, only the Taylor them which lets you customize colors, dimensions, etc
JoomlaMonster has released a wbAMP theme that you can look at.

Other than that, we hope that template makers will progressively release AMP templates, but it's not happened yet. Maybe you need to lobby them a bit?

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