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JoomlaDay FR is May 20-21, in person


Hi all,

It's happening: JoomlaDay FR will be in Bruxelles, Belgium on May 20 & 21, and this time, it's not all videos and online and recordings but we will all be together, in person, in a venue. How about a welcome change from the last nearly 3 years!

I'll be attending and speaking, together with a bunch of French-language and international speakers. Not too late to register and travel to beautiful Bruxelles, registration is here!

Note that:

  • the event is mostly in French of course, but there are some English-language sessions as well (see the program)
  • it won't be livestreamed, this is a real, in person JoomlaDay - the first worldwide since the pandemic started actually

Cheers all, looking forward to meeting again fellow Joomlers,