wbAMP version 1.12.0 has been released


We are pleased to announce the release of wbAMP version 1.12.0. This is a new features release.

wbAMP brings Accelerated Mobile Pages to Joomla. Please read our blog post for more details.

Here are the highlights:

  • Added basic Hikashop support
  • Contact form can now perform an real redirect after form submission instead of displaying a 'Next' button
  • Page images are now required to be on the page itself, 1200px in width and 800,000 pixels minimum. Removed Fallback image feature
  • White list all amp-* elements to allow for more advanced custom usage of new AMP elements
  • Updated translations for German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and Russian
  • Allow json+ld script in page body
  • Added support for srcset (responsive images) to route helper
  • Prevent fatal error when using J! 3.6.5 or earlier
  • Modules in AMP-specific positions may be incorrectly rendered if several modules have the exact same title but are published in different positions
  • Content plugins set to be disabled are also disabled on non-AMP pages

Please see this page for a full changelog. This release is immediately available both from the download area and using the one-click Joomla! updater of your web site.

Best regards