4Command new global search used to edit articles and categories matching a query

4Command version 2.0


We're pleased to announce the release of 4Command version 2.0.0. This is a feature and maintenance release with several additions and improvements.

Here are the highlights:

  • Added ? operator to search across all articles and content categories on the site. Clicking a results allows directly editing the article/category
  • Added actions to enable/disable all website modules individually from the command palette
  • Added actions to enable/disable all website plugins individually from the command palette
  • Lorem Ipsum sample text generator can now directly inject text into Joomla editors
  • Pressing Escape key while in calculator mode now returns to standard search mode
  • Added table of content to full presentation video under Help menu
  • Increased actions list height
  • Change in how number of available actions is displayed visually, take up less space
  • Change dev tools console error message in simple information message, when 4Command cannot create its admin module. This happens when the media manager, or another dialog is open.
  • On Joomla 4+, visible website URL in resent activation emails is empty (activation link is valid)
  • Wrong link to dashboard online help page

Please see this page for a full changelog. This release is immediately available both from the download area and using the one-click Joomla! updater of your web site.

Best regards