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4Command changelog

2024-06-19 12:57build 190

2024-06-19Version 2.0.0

newAdded actions to enable/disable all website modules individually from the command palette
newAdded actions to enable/disable all website plugins individually from the command palette
newAdded ? operator to search across all articles and content categories on the site. Clicking a results allows directly editing the article/category
chgPressing Escape key while in calculator mode now returns to standard search mode
chgApp will now try and continue running if a javascript error happens on the page, instead of shutting down with an error message
chgAdded table of content to full presentation video under Help menu
chgLorem Ipsum sample text generator can now directly inject text into Joomla editors
chgIncreased actions list height
chgChange in how number of available actions is displayed visually, take up less space
chgChange dev tools console error message in simple information message, when 4Command cannot create its admin module. This happens when the media manager, or another dialog is open.
bugOn Joomla 4+, visible website URL in resent activation emails is empty (activation link is valid)
bugWrong link to dashboard online help page

2024-05-28Version 1.1.0

newAdded lorem ipsum sample text generator
newAdded simple calculator mode triggered by starting a prompt with =
newOptionally show a list of the last few most recent actions at the top of the available ones in the command palette
newAdded links: searchable, direct access to editing all frontend template styles
newAdded actions: set cache mode to None, Conservative or Progressive
newAdded links: direct, searchable access to all per component global configuration page
newAdded action: resend activation email to selected users
chgAdded banner on Community edition help page
chgReworked accessibility aria markup for all tab switchers
chgUpdated video on Help page to show a full-length presentation of 4Command
chgAdded keyboard icons on 4Command dashboard next to shortcuts
chgMore explicit wording for prompt to reload page after editor switching
bugFixed link to documentation requirements page
bugBetter cleaning of modules and plugins names before using them as searchable keywords, may cause javacript error
bugComponent dashboard may throw an error on some websites
bugShow trashed items action is displayed regardless of whether there are any trashed items on the page, as long as there's no searched text in the 4Command dialog
bugLogo displayed after successful installation uses hardcoded font, displays using default fonts on most machines