4AI animated clip of an image creation process

4AI version 4.0


We're pleased to announce the release of 4AI version 4.0.0. This is a feature with Joomla 5 compatibility.

Here are the highlights:

  • Added image creation and interactive modification. Images can be saved to disk and inserted into editor
  • Use style instead of CSS class for the frontend icon as some YooTheme template have a CSS preventing the 4AI icon to be visible
  • Reworked connection with Joomla editor to avoid warnings on code deprecated (removed in Joomla 6!) and improve Copy from editor function when multiple editors are on a page, especially on Joomla 3 and 4
  • Added button to copy full path of generated image
  • OpenAI organization header not properly set

Please see this page for a full changelog. This release is immediately available both from the download area and using the one-click Joomla! updater of your web site.

Best regards