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4AI changelog

2024-05-14 11:44build 492

2024-05-14Version 4.3.0

newAdded support for latest OpenAI model, GPT-4o
chgAlso show assistant icon on backend dashboard
bugTyping a sub-page address in the browser address bar is sometimes not respected, last sub-page is shown instead

2024-03-29Version 4.2.0

chgAdded message suggesting to use the auto-clear notification feature on sites where it's not enabled. Displayed randomly every few notifications.
chgUpdated code to read current user information for future-proofing against Joomla platform changes
bug4AI always uses the model selected when the page is first displayed, even if a different model is selected. The change actually only takes affect after a page reload.

2024-03-12Version 4.1.0

newAll generated jpg and webp images now have standard XMP metadata added, including DigitalSourceType with a value of trainedAlgorithmicMedia.
chgBetter handling of source content in prompts to avoid AI models to reply in another language than expected

2024-02-20Version 4.0.1

chgRemoved GPT-3.5-turbo-16K model and adjusted down prices for the new version of GPT-3.5-Turbo with 16K context

2024-01-30Version 4.0.0

newAdded image creation and interactive modification. Images can be saved to disk and inserted into editor.
chgUse style instead of CSS class for the frontend icon as some YooTheme template have a CSS preventing the 4AI icon to be visible
chgReworked connection with Joomla editor to avoid warnings on code deprecated (removed in Joomla 6!) and improve Copy from editor function when multiple editors are on a page, especially on Joomla 3 and 4
chgAdded button to copy full path of generated image
bugOpenAI organization header not properly set

2023-12-10Version 3.1.0

chgChanged Twitter name to X (Twitter)
chgRemoved Davinci 003 model, not available anymore
chgAdded a small animation in page title during requests to AI provider, in case it takes a bit of time
chgDo not display AI provider in red
bugText color for red background warnings lacks contrast on small text

2023-10-17Version 3.0.0

chgRemoved use of int(nn) in SQL tables declaration or update
chgSuppress button press highlighting by some browser on mobile devices
chgUpdated ESBuild config to use actual file content hashes (esbuild hashes are not content hashes)
chgMinor tweaks for Joomla 5 compatibility
chgAdded ability to add translation for new languages, or override existing translations, by dropping a json file in a subdirectory of /libraries/weeblr
chgChanged French translation for Chat

2023-08-10Version 2.3.0

newAdded user profile setting. May help getting responses better tailored to you, without having to add custom instructions on all requests.
newAdded support for multiple OpenAI models, including GPT-4 and GPT-3.5 Turbo 16K context
chgRemoved calls for translators from admin app footer
chgNow including site host hash and current version in subscribers update authorization request
chgPrevent fatal javascript error in case where loading the tokenizer files are blocked by the website server setup. Can result in f0.count is not a function error, or similar.
bug4AI update site is removed from Joomla update sites list when updating to a new version

2023-07-06Version 2.2.0

chgUpdated OpenAI API pricing for gpt-3.5-turbo
chgAdded a filter on the API endpoint, allow user customization
chgAssistant is now only hidden, not closed when hitting the Close button. Allows preserving all input and AI-generated content between use

2023-06-02Version 2.1.0

chgRemoved some trailing punctuation point in prompts.
chgRemoved Tweet this button for second and more tweets in a thread, to make it clear the additional tweets must be added to the first one and not tweeted separately.
chgAssistant keyboard shortcuts now work from within TinyMCE editor
chgWhen creating HTML email, added instructions to create headings in content
chgAdded a filter to allow 3rd-party extensions to force or prevent the display of 4AI assistant on their own pages.
bugSummary, expand, shorten and rewrite for keywords transform operation may use the wrong language (on multilingual sites) on content assigned to all languages.
bugFacebook summary shows Twitter thread count
bugMissing language string for chat request types in component

2023-05-25Version 2.0.0

newAdded live chat feature
chgDo not display language in response summary for expand and shorten actions
chgAdd organization ID to requests when using OpenAI API
chgAdded option to select between higher quality or faster AI model
chgIncreased request timeout to 180 seconds
chgTokens counter are now all of the same color
chgMake assistant use the same color theme as the component
bugNo language should be specified for shorten or expand transformations
bugTokens counter sometimes incorrectly lit up in red to show not enough tokens remaining
bugFacebook and LinkedIn posts are not readable when using light theme

2023-05-18Version 1.1.0

newCan now translate/write/create social posts directly in about 45 languages, not just the ones installed on the site
newCan now transform/replace just the selection from the editor instead of the entire content. Maintains HTML formatting with native Joomla TinyMCE editor, may not for other editors.
newAdded ability to set meta keywords in article or category based on extracted keywords or related keywords
newAdded detailed logging to file of AI API requests
chgMore informative display when AI API returns an invalid response
chgAdded 'native speaker' system prompt for the Create action
chgAdded introductory video on dashboard and help page
chgAdded documentation pages and embedded them into settings pages
chgAdded decorative images during API calls
bugGenerated titles and descriptions are not visible when using light mode
bugCannot select email vs blog choice when performing an Expand action

2023-05-12Version 1.1.0