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Welcome to 4AI!

4AI is a modern, integrated solution to easily use recently available Artificial Intelligence API from providers such as OpenAI, known for their ChatGPT application.

4AI uses OpenAI API. It does not use ChatGPT itself which is not open to external access. This means:

  • you do NOT need a paid ChatGPT plan
  • you need access to OpenAI API, which is paid. See Getting started to learn how to set this up.

At nearly any time, in the admin or on the frontend, you can click on the 4AI icon on your screen to open up a dialog and use one or more of 4AI features to create or transform content.

4AI designs a prompt for you, based on your selections. No need to build the lengthy prompt yourself to obtain the best results.

Create content

4AI offering to save to a new article a newly written article

  • From simple text to a product description, a full blog or even a newsletter: the AI will adjust to the target format
  • or create an outline of a future piece of content, modify it as needed, then ask 4AI to complete it for you
  • select SEO Intent: Information, Commercial, Transactional, Navigation
  • select tone and style to use
  • Enter specific SEO focus keywords
  • Provide additional instructions as needed

Save the generated content as a new article, complete with title and description, in a category of your choice, with just one click

Create and modify images

Creating and modifying images based on your description becomes super-easy as 4AI also provides you with guidance through style, effects or ligthing options that you can select from lists instead of having to come up with them by yourself.

If needed, once you've created the first version of an image, it's also quick and easy to iterate over several more versions until you're happy with the result:

Using the image is a breeze:

  • image is saved in original png format but also resized to small, medium and large sizes, in jpg and webp format as well
  • click a button to use the image as Intro or Full text image, including Alt text
  • click a button to insert the image - in a fully responsive, efficient way - at the current editor cursor position

Transform existing content

  • spellcheck and rewrite for perfect grammar and style, in any of the supported languages
  • rewrite existing content for readability
  • shorten or expand existing content
  • create a summary of an existing item (TL;DR;)
  • change the style of content
  • rewrite existing items to improve their keyword content
  • translate existing content to one of many supported languages

Use 4AI for SEO

  • create a perfect title and description from an existing piece
  • extract a list of keywords from an existing piece (to use in links, ads or SEO tools)
  • Find related keywords for a given article or item on the site

Use 4AI for marketing

  • let it write a Tweet, a Facebook or LinkdeIn post from an existing item
  • Ask it to write Ad copy based on your product description or article (which itself may have been created or revised with 4AI)

Or just chat

Chat with the assistant like you would with ChatGpt or another AI-powered application.