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General configuration

The General configuration page has a few settings where you can alter 4AI behavior and access.

User profile

The goal is to provide a description of who you are (you or your organization) so that the AI model knows a bit more context about the content it needs to generate.

There's only one "user profile" for all users. It will be used for all requests, and is not "per joomla user". If you have multiple persons or organization using 4AI on your site, leave this field empty.

Instead, each user can fill-in the Custom writing instructions field of the assistant to provide any useful additional information.


I am a web developer and I prefer detailed technical responses

We are a marketing agency and I prefer short, non-technical responses easily understood by general audiences

I am a travel blogger, interested in information about travels in general and cruises in particular.

Keyboard access

This is a global on/off switch for accessing the assistant through keyboard shortcuts. If set to No, these shortcuts are disabled and you can only open the assistant by clicking on its icon.

Currently available shortucts are:

  • ctrl + shift + 4: open the 4AI assistant
  • ctrl + shift + 5: Hide/show the 4AI icon

Frontend assistant

This is a global on/off switch for the frontend use of 4AI assistant. If set to No, the assistant will be disabled for all users.