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Using 4AI as ChatGPT

While it's generally fine to directly use your preferred AI assistant, such as ChatGPT, in a separate tab of your browser, 4AI also has a Chat tab where you can directly ask generic questions to the AI.

One huge advantage of using 4AI integrated chat is to select which version of the ChatGPT model you use: GPT 3.5 or GPT 4 for instance. The GPT-4 series of models are the most recent version of ChatGPT and by far the best ones.

When using the actual ChatGPT interface, you need a paid subscription to access GPT-4 and even with a paid subscription, there are restrictions on how much you can use it.

With 4AI, you can:

  • use GPT 3.5 by default for a faster and cheaper response
  • switch to GPT-4 class models when you want the best response
  • pay for GPT-4 class models only when you use them

Gives you the best of both worlds: best quality without paying the full ChatGPT+ monthly subscription.

User interface

Here is how the chat interface looks like:

While chatting, you can:

  • copy each individual question or answer to your clipboard
  • copy the entire chat to the clipboard

Remember: you can use the ctrl + shift + 4 keyboard to open the 4AI assistant at any time