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Using 4AI for SEO

The SEO tab offers 3 content generation features:

Page title

Provided with some text you type or paste in, or the content of Joomla editor if you have an article edit page opened, 4AI will generate 3 title proposals.

Here is a view of options available to be more specific about what title to write:

And here is an example of 3 title proposals for our text:

You can choose to:

  • Replace the page title in the Joomla Publishing tab for your article, if you are editing one
  • or just copy the desired title to your clipboard and use it elsewhere

Meta description

The meta description feature works very much in the same way as the page title one, with 3 meta descriptions generated for you:

Experiment with the Style selector to obtain different types of suggestions

SEO keywords

This feature really is more for the SEO-junkies out there but 4AI can make OpenAI extract and generate keywords for you with just a click:

Based on the most semantically important keywords in your content, and related keywords not present in your text, you can:

  • rewrite your content to improve its performance
  • feed SEO tools such as Semrush, Ahrefs, onCrawl or Majestic SEO to research the value and potential of adding them to your site content
  • identify linking opportunities within your site
  • use hashtags in social networks post

To make it easier and efficient to use the proposed keywords, you can either copy any of them individually, or click Copy all to get a comma-separated full list sent to your clipboard.

In addition, if editing an item, use the Replace keywords to have all the found keywords be set as the Joomla meta keywords input field under the Publishing tab.