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Installation and updates

Before attempting to install 4AI on your site, please review its technical requirements.

Do not try to install in case something don't fit, you may break your site. Pretty much everything is reversible, but it may cost unrequired efforts to do so.



You may download 4AI as a single zip file from our download area. Though 4AI is made of several parts (plugins and media files), the zip file contains all of them.

Do not unzip the file

The zip file contains all required files and folders. Do not unzip it and try to install each part it through the Joomla installer. While that may appear to work initially, things will go wrong later on.


4AI is installed as any other extension, through Joomla! installer. Installation of the single zip file downloaded from our site will take care of all dependencies, and there is no additional step to take after installation, aside from initial setup.


4AI is updated regularly. Updates are signalled through the regular Joomla updates notifications system. Updates are performed as well through Joomla one-click updater.

Update key

Unless you are using the Community version, an update key is required for any update. Such updates will only work if you have an active subscription for 4AI.

Do not mistake 4AI update key with OpenAI API key:

  • 4AI update key is internal to Weeblr and allows 4AI to be updated to any new version that may become available
  • OpenAI API key is a key provided by OpenAI, the makers of ChatGPT and it allows access to their service. More details here.

Entering your update key

You can find your update key on your dashboard. The update key is unique to your account and can be used for all our products.

On Joomla 4+

You can enter the update key in the dedicated field of the Joomla Update sites page, accessible through the System main menu item.

  • First locate the 4AI updates record in the list
  • click on it to open the edit form
  • enter your update key in the Download Key field

While you can use the Joomla page to enter your update key, we advise to use 4AI own Configuration | System | Update key input field, it's easier to find and use!

The two communicates, so if you enter your update key one way, it will be reflected the other way as well.

On Joomla 3

You can enter your update key directly in the Configuration | System | Update key field of 4AI admin component.