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Creating Joomla content with 4AI

Per the name, you can use this tab to create new content. Several content types are available:

  • one or a few paragraphs, for instance a product description or part of an article
  • an email or a newsletter
  • a blog post
  • an outline of a longer text

Selecting options to create content

Multiple options are available depending on what you are creating to let you refine your request and make sure the AI will generate the content you want.

Here is what you will get back after a few moments:

Using the created content

Once content has been created, you can use it in multiple ways as well:

  • copy to clipboard
  • replace or append to editor, if you're on a page where an editor is opened
  • transfer this content to the Transform, SEO or Social and Ads tab to further modify or use it
  • save as a new article, with title and descrption

More ways to use the created content

Aside from directly using the created content as Joomla content, you can also continue "working on it" with more features from 4AI:

  • Open in Transform: to expand, shorten, or even translate the content into another language
  • Open in SEO: to (re)write the title or meta description that was alredy provided by 4AI, or to work on keywords: extract a list of keywords, get a list of related keywords and hashtags.
  • Open in Social and Ads: Prepare social networks posts in seconds based on your content