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4AI is an AI-powered assistant for Joomla

4AI is powered by an Artificial intelligence API provided by OpenAI, known for their ChatGPT application.

It also has provisions to use other AI providers in the future but no API is currently available that matches OpenAI features.

OpenAI API access is a paid-for product, see OpenAI pricing. The cost is low, but you'll need to provide them with a credit card before you can use their API.

In addition, make sure to understand how you can use their content and what they do with yours. See below the Policies paragraph for more.

And don't forget to read about how AI can invent things that do not exist, with a real life example.

4AI uses of OpenAI API. It does not use ChatGPT itself which is not open to external access.

Therefore, you do NOT need a paid ChatGPT plan to use 4AI (but you need an API access key, as described in next paragraph).

From March 8, 2024, OpenAI requires that you not only provide them with a credit card but that you purchase credits in advance. Please read their "What is prepaid billing" help page to learn how credits work.

Getting an OpenAI API key

To use 4AI, you will need an active OpenAI API key. That key is needed to allow 4AI to make requests to OpenAI on your behalf.

The steps to get one are as follows:

  1. Visit OpenAI platform at
  2. Create an account if you don't have one already
  3. Log-in and click on your avatar in the top-right corner of the page
  4. In the menu that opens, select View API keys
  5. Click on Create new API key and follow the instructions
  6. Copy the API key that is displayed and paste it into the Configuration | API providers | Secret key field of 4AI configuration page
  7. Using the corresponding button on the Billing menu, purchase a number of credits. Start small: $10 should cover several weeks of regular usage at least, although your mileage will vary of course

Initial configuration

Setting up your API key really is the only required configuration to start using 4AI. You should however also configure a few things for your convenience:

User profile

This is an optional but useful configuration you can do to increase the quality of replies you will get from your AI provider.

The user profile is set on the General configuration page. Please refer to that page for more details.


By default, 4AI access is allowed for the Manager, Administrator, Editor, Publisher and of course Super User groups. You can change these permissions to your liking with the usual Joomla ACL system.

Go to Joomla Global Configuration, then select 4AI in the left sidebar and adjust permissions as you see fit.

You can set 4AI access permissions separately for the frontend and backend of your site.

Update key

As described on the Installation/update page, you should also enter your update key to authorize one-click updates of 4AI by the Joomla updater. This is the key we provide you to allow update of the 4AI extension. Do not confuse it with the OpenAI API key.

An update key is not needed for the Community version of 4AI.

Privacy policies and content usage

Before you use the OpenAI API, you must agree to the OpenAI Terms of use. Make sure you carefully read the terms to understand how they apply to your use case, website, and users.

The Sharing and publication policy is important because it outlines how you can use content created with the OpenAI API. One sentence that might be particularly relevant to you is:

The role of AI in formulating the content is clearly disclosed in a way that no reader could possibly miss, and that a typical reader would find sufficiently easy to understand.

Please note that because 4AI uses the OpenAI API and not ChatGPT directly, the following applies - which is good:

...OpenAI will not use any data that customers submit through our API to train or improve their models, unless you explicitly choose to share your data with them for this purpose...

To learn about OpenAI's current use of your content, check their API data usage policies.