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As mentioned elsewhere, we all want our content to be visible and discovered as much as possible. While keywords-full URLs are best for search engines, on some occasions it is more efficient to use shortened version of links.

For instance when printing brochures, business cards, use in SMS, when talking over the phone and of course while posting on social media, is more convenient than the full

But why use your own URL shortener and not one of the popular online services?

  • Your own domain ( vs users know before clicking on a link where they are going. No risk of spam or malware. More clicks.
  • Shorter and more memorable links. Here is the short url just created for the same page: Not as easy to remember as, right?
  • What if your short URLs provider disappear? all the links to your site disseminated through the web breaks immediately and for ever. It happened before.

With sh404SEF, a short link is called shUrl. It is created automatically for you, and displayed in several places:


But shURLs are not limited to pages on your own site: you can also create short links to any address on the internet:


Cool URIs don't change

Properly redirecting pages - when needed - is a major SEO factor, however tedious. Each time a page URL is modified, a proper 301 redirect should be put in place, to tell both visitors and search engines to update their bookmarks. As sh404SEF makes it very easy to change URLs, we're also very concerned about making sure it won't be detrimental to your rankings and we also made it equally easy to setup redirects!

Within sh404SEF, these redirects are called aliases. For instance, on this site, we have created an alias from /sh404sef to the main product page.

sh404SEF lets you create one-to-one redirects, but very simple rules to redirect groups of URLs with just one click!

And you can also setup canonical links instead of actual redirects, exactly in the same way!

The Aliases manager shown below lists and lets you modify all redirects on your site:

Adding or modifying a 301 redirect is simply done by adding it to the appropriate input field:

Note that sh404SEF will automatically create an alias to the previous version of an URL when you manually modify it with the URL manager.

SEO is about getting visitors viewing your website. Now sometimes, they may come from an outdated link on some blog, or made a mistake while typing a URL. In such case, we certainly want to make any effort to keep them and try provide them with what they were looking for: sh404SEF can display similar URLs or even automatically redirect 404s.

Many times, a Joomla! website 404 error page looks like this:

Not really helpful!

We can improve this process by first showing visitors the full template and menu structure of your site - and the search box if you have one. But sh404SEF will go one step further: we can automatically insert links to pages with an URL similar to the request made by the visitor. This way, we are likely directly offering a link that they will want to click!

That's not all. If some 404 errors are happening often, you may want to automatically redirect visitors to a specific page. sh404SEF lets you choose: either let it automatically redirect to a similar URL, or select which one to redirect to. This a very easy process in the URL manager:


You can't improve what you can't measure

Being able to measure and easily consult website statistics is paramount to doing tests and evaluating content options and marketing campaign results. Google Analytics is a free of charge (with some limits) standard in that field. While it's a very powerful tool, it might be a little too much sometimes, especially for end users with little training. This is why sh404SEF performs for you both steps involved in putting Google Analytics or Tag to work:

Insert Google Analytics and Google Tag snippets

Both Google Analytics and Google Tag require a small piece of javascript to be inserted inside your page. While it is common to hard-code this javascript into, for instance, your site template, sh404SEF provides a simpler and more flexible way, directly in its configuration. In addition, both Standard and Universal (the more recent, future-proof version) tags can be used with several more practical options.

View statistics in your site administration

When the Google Analytics option is setup, your sh404SEF dashboard will display a simple traffic report on your site.

To dig a bit more, you can then use the Analytics manager to analyze and compare past and present performance for instance.

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