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#7053 – Importer Plugin location?

Posted in ‘Pre-sale questions’
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Tuesday, 07 April 2020 20:07 UTC
For some reason my ticket closed again?

I'm still working through this, I did the upgrade and re-installed 404 SEF and now need to re-install the plugin. But I've looked and cannot find it anywhere. Can you direct me where to go or can you send it to me?

FYI - MijoSEF is having issues post upgrade, but not to be expected with its quality. The URLs are wrote correct, but not displaying on the site.

Let me know on the importer plugin.

Wednesday, 08 April 2020 07:22 UTC

For some reason my ticket closed again?
I closed the ticket after writing a couple of additional posts but it seems I did not click on "Publish" when I explained why I was closing it, so let me quote and recap everything here:

1 - Not sure how you tried to uninstall. The uninstallation is documented on this page, this is the standard uninstall method in Joomla and the only one that can guarantee proper uninstall.

2 - You are running an older version of Joomla, some required library are not available and sh404SEF cannot run on this site. Needless to say, due to running a very old Joomla version, there are several security vulnerabilities in it and it is exposed to hacking. Once you've updated, you can get back to properly running sh404SEF.

One last thing: I just realized that you're trying to do this on the real, live site? all this work should be done on a development copy of the site: even if all goes well, there will be down time associated with the operation, this has to be fully tested prior to being run on the live site as it's a major change in site structure.

FYI - MijoSEF is having issues post upgrade, but not to be expected with its quality. The URLs are wrote correct, but not displaying on the site.
I cannot comment on MijoSEF but you cannot have 2 SEF extensions active at the same time. This is technically impossible. You must uninstall sh404SEF as your site is live. This is one of the reasons why you cannot perform this on the live site but must do all development on a staging copy.

And then the reason I closed the ticket: you were (you still are) on the pre-sale forum where we reply to pre-sale questions. Support tickets are to be opened on sh404SEF helpdesk and is for users with an active subscription. I just checked yesterday and realized you actually do not have an active subscription so please get a subscription and open a support ticket.

Best regards

Yannick Gaultier
Thursday, 23 April 2020 05:34 UTC
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