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#6778 – Google Analytics Opt-out for SH404SEF

Posted in ‘SEOInfo and other Weeblr extensions’
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Wednesday, 16 May 2018 13:03 UTC
I am a subscriber of SH404SEF and i want to know if there is a function for Google Analytics Opt-out. Or if it could come into a future update.
This would be good for the new GDPR
This function should be (via a script) and in frontend should be a link posted in the data privacy site what i have read to be GDPR conform
Here is a infolink from Google

Also a question is it possible to use Google Analytics lite (GA-lite)?

Thanks for your answer
Wednesday, 16 May 2018 13:50 UTC

We have no plan for Analytics opt-out at the moment. First, there is no such thing as opt-out in GDPR; Everything must be opt-in. Second, as the Joomla project is preparing a release (3.9) mostly dedicated to GDPR we will wait and see exactly what sort of framework is offered - to store consent for instance. An opt-int feature is not that simple and does not make any sense for sh404SEF to implement on its own because a user will have to accept (opt-in) several things to use a website (depending on each site features of course). Each must be approved by visitor, but should also be stored and provide the ability to be deleted and/or downloaded.

It does not make sense to me that sh404SEF builds a full control panel for that as Joomla itself and other extensions will have to build their own. This has to be centralized in some way. So basically we need to wait a little bit for that.

If you need an immediate answer to that, I would suggest you simply anonymize Analytics (there's a setting for that on sh404SEF analytics tab). This will solve the GDPR issue for Analytics at least and I'm not sure you'll loose much insight into your Analytics data.

As for GA-Lite, we also have no plan to that, we will stick to the Google native libraries and not a 3rd-party one. The reason to create it are not very good: getting 100/100 at google page speed insight is not a goal and won't provide any speed gain. It might actually slow your site down on first load, because on most cases, the Google original javascript will already be available in a user browser cache - as so many sites use the standard GA - while GA-lite is very uncommon and will have to be loaded each time.

Best regards
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