wbamp-link adds a trailing slash on "Home" default Joomla menu item....
I have YOUR sidebar menu enabled on all pages that end in /amp (great!)
My html version has a sidebar in the same location and all links on the same menu are displayed without /amp (great!)

I do not want to force /amp pages on mobile but rather only offer /amp pages if you enter site on an /amp page. (great!)
problem I have is...
When I add fa fa-home wbamp-link to the Default Page / "Home" menu item it rewrites it as /amp/

This makes (loads in the trailing slash in homepage /amp/ while /amp *homepage link is accessible and does not add it)
I'm using sh404sef and everything, I mean everything else is working great!
I will share the domain name here if you like..... Or, should I just change ini wbamp to use /amp/ sitewide as opposed to /amp - what's in there?
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    Monday, December 18 2017, 09:57 AM - #Permalink

    For the record, this user reposted their question on the helpdesk.

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