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How's it going? I'd very glad if you can help us. Thanks.

We set a instruction of ‘Override Joomla! 404 error page’ in the 404 error handing of the error page in Joomla, but when we input a wrong link, the system will re-direct to a url. I really don’t know how to fix this problem.

Please, if you’d like to help. You can find what I say and what the problem is in this web:

Thanks again, if you can help. Can you reply me ASAP Please.

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    Monday, September 09 2019, 10:27 AM - #Permalink

    Support is back online now, please feel free to open a ticket as needed.

    From your symptoms, you probably enabled back the Joomla router which can cause this, either by changing one of your components to "Use Joomla router" or by enabling "301 redirect from Joomla SEF to sh404SEF". Just restore the default settings and you should be fine.

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