I am building a new site and using JA K2 Filter.

During a search URLs look like this...


I would prefer to have this...


Does SH404 help with this?

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    Thursday, June 20 2019, 11:12 AM - #Permalink

    sh404SEF could probably help you changing /k2-filter to /filter but it would not be possible to change &category_id=xxx into &category=download.

    At best it would have to be something like /filter/download,faq/?xxxxxxx

    But even that:

    - would require coding a custom plugin for that extension, K2 filter
    - would cause a lot of URLs to be stored in the database
    - would not bring any SEO benefit so overall interest does not seem obvious here.

    One thing for sure, standard sh404SEF cannot help you to achieve that.

    Best regards
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