as I see parametered URLs do not inherit the title of original SEF URLs. (e.g. https://www.budapestvoyage.fr/tourisme-medical-hongrie/greffe-de-cheveux-fue-a-budapest has the correct title tag : "Greffe de cheveux et implants capillaires à Budapest" while the same URL with any parameter behind the mentioned URL shows "greffe-de-cheveux-fue" as title tag.

Is there any setting to fix this?
Thanks and best regards, Miklos
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    Wednesday, February 27 2019, 11:26 AM - #Permalink

    Thanks for your message. You are on public forum, where we can only reply to pre-sale questions.

    We provide support to our subscribers through our helpdesk.
    After logging in, please open a ticket describing as clearly as possible the problem you're experiencing.

    Thanks and regards
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