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hello dear,

I asked to refund my money back but still I did not get it back and when I send you email, nobody reply! I am really wonder why? My last email has sent on Aug 15. So far I did not get back my money!

Can you please check it why? You mentioned about refund money 100% granted so why you do not send my money back??? :( :(

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    Thursday, September 07 2017, 07:17 AM - #Permalink
    Hi Hadi,

    As explained in all the emails we sent you (yes, we replied to all your emails), we have refunded your money immediately after you asked. You paid using Stripe (ie Credit card), so we refunded you in the same way. We have no control on what happens next, and you should have been refunded within some time, but we have no control on that.

    As you pretend we do not reply to messages, but you did receive and reply to them. Please below a timeline of the events:

    1 - You ask for refund on July 28, 18:52
    2 - We reply 4 miniutes later with a couple of questions (you did not provide your username)
    3 - You reply 30 minutes later
    4 - We reply first thing after the weekend and we inform you we that we refunded you. We did refund you on July 28, but only sent an email on July 31

    Here is the refund receipt:

    You can see it was refunded on July 28, about 30 minutes after your email providing account details.

    5 - You sent email about the refund on August 15, during our holiday

    6 - On first day of return from holiday, I replied to you:

    Have you done your part? have you contacted your credit card company?

    Please do not call us out like this. You can see on the timeline that we refunded you only a few minutes after you asked for it. We replied to all your emails within a few minutes or hours at worst.

    Again, please get immediately in touch with your credit card company.

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    Thursday, September 07 2017, 02:33 PM - #Permalink

    In addition to the above, I contacted the payment processor company, to be absolutely sure you were refunded, and they confirmed they did proceed with the refund on july 31. They also advise contacting your bank/credit card company. The reference number for the refund is 74492157212637002672732. Your bank can use that to find about the refund.

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