How can i make a link from the AMP page to the canonical / regular url?
I would like to give this option to the visitor to see the regular page without the amp.

I would like to have this link right after the heade and before the title:מעכשיו-ניתן-לפרסם-גם-באינסטגרם/amp

I have the pro version.

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    Monday, August 07 2017, 10:19 AM - #Permalink

    We do not provide any way to do that (and removed it from our plugin on another platform, after having it at the beginning), as it is basically very hard for visitors to understand what this is about.

    This you will have to custom code this yourself, with a template JLayout override.

    Please note that you are on public forum, where we can only reply to pre-sale questions.

    We provide support to our subscribers through our helpdesk.

    Thanks and regards
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    Thursday, May 23 2019, 11:19 AM - #Permalink
    Hello . Further to his question, will the system match my site, which is sitting on a server in Israel?
    adirom-tech dot space

    Thank you!
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    Thursday, May 23 2019, 11:27 AM - #Permalink

    wbamp will convert any joomla standard content to AMP. It will always provide a valid AMP output however you may have work to do on CSS/template overrides and such depending on the kind of components you use on your site and which features of your site you want to carry over - or not - to the AMP version.
    AMP does not allow external CSS or javascript so any page that relies heavily on that would have to be redesigned or excluded for instance. Likewise, forms will require custom work to be working also on AMP, except for the Joomla contact component for which we provide support.

    Best regards
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