I have a few problems.
some of the pages are now showing pages with page-## when I've set all categories to not paginate in the display settings in k2
here is an example: products/banners/occasions-banners/wedding-and-anniversary-banners/page-13

also getting blog stuff like this blog/tamara in my SEF URL's area
and in 404 I keep getting really long 403-user-2016 with lots of numbers and -'s

I know this has to be in something in the set up for either K2sef or in the sh404SEF

can you help me track it down so I can fix it so I don't get these?
I'll also ask the sh404SEF people.
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    Wednesday, September 13 2017, 12:55 PM - #Permalink

    Thanks for your message. You are on public forum, where we can only reply to pre-sale questions.

    We provide support to our subscribers through our helpdesk.
    After logging in, please open a ticket describing as clearly as possible the problem you're experiencing.

    Thanks and regards
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