My question is about joomla categories and articles url config with sh404sef .
my blog categories tree is :

cat 1 -> cat 1-1
cat 1 - > cat 1-2

and menu by "blog" alias is assigned to cat1. I want to have this address in category and sub category pages :
sitename.com/blog/cat1 (alias) / cat1-1 (alias) / etc

and for all articles in each category this address :
sitename.com/ blog / article alias

- can I have these url patterns with sh404sef ?
- can implement in multilingual site that using falang ?
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    Monday, March 11 2019, 10:35 AM - #Permalink

    1 - You can configure separately URLs structure for articles and categories so won't be a problem except for the following: sh404SEF does not use menu items at all, at least for Joomla content. So whether you link to your blog through one menu or another will not affect the URL - and it should not, this is a major cause of duplicate content issues in Joomla.
    With sh404SEF, the URL is always going to be the same and will not use the menu item as part of it - otherwise the URL would change depending on how you - or other modules and extensions - would link to it.

    So to achieve /blog/cat-1/cat-2, you will need to pur your content inside a root category called /blog/, ie:

    --> cat-1
    --> cat-1-1
    --> cat-2
    --> cat 2-1

    2 - We only support the Joomla multilingual system officially. We do have many users with Falang. There were a few issues at the beginning but the Falang team was able to fix everything. I haven't heard of any Falang related issue in a long time.

    Best regards
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    Tuesday, March 12 2019, 07:28 PM - #Permalink
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