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Time Savers for Joomla: JoomlaDay France 2018 talk by Peter Martin

Hi all,

Last weekend we attended JoomlaDay France 2018. You can see my longer report in this previous blog post.

Peter Martin is a veteran Joomla! site builder and developer from the Netherlands. He's been a well-known and esteemed member of the community for quite a few years. He offered in his session a number of best practices, tips and tricks to save the Joomla site builder a lot of time and efforts on a daily basis. This talk is in English.

We were also able to record sessions from:

  • Olivier Andrieu, probably the most well-known SEO person in France. It was his first appearance at a Joomla event, and he told us all about mobile and vocal SEO optimization. See his talk on this page.
  • Myself! I presented the latest updates to the Accelerated Mobile Pages ecosystem - See my talk here

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