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Resend Joomla! activation email with wbReactiv

Hi all,

Today we're releasing on the JED wbReactiv, a simple plugin that we hope we'll be helpful in managing your Joomla! web site. 

If some of your users don't receive the Joomla activation email when registering on your site, your only options today are either to manually validate their account - but they probably won't receive any email you send them, or delete their account and ask them to recreate it, which is rather tedious.

To help mitigate this problem, we've created wbReactiv. This small plugin adds a "Resend" button on your Joomla 3.x users list and profile page. It's free and you can get it from our download area. We've also written a bit of documentation, though it doesn't really need any.

Joomla users list with wbReactiv adding "Resend" button

Feel free to comment here, or in the the "Other extensions" section of the forum!