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Josetta translation manager discontinued

Josetta translation manager front end view

Hi all,

We have had to take the difficult decision of retiring Josetta, our translation manager for Joomla! native multilingual system. Despite the initial enthousiasm of the first years, when we created the concept and implemented it into Josetta, it failed to find a real audience and it has been a while since maintaining and supporting it has become a liability for us, rather than an asset. While I dragged my feet for quite some times, as Josetta really is something I love and that serves a real purpose, it just does not make sense to continue, considering the resources we have.

We have therefore decided to retire Josetta from January 20, 2017. Active subscribers will keep receiving support as per their subcription - or be refunded of their full subscription, if they so choose (please open a support ticket). However, no further update or bug fix will happen from this date on. Should a security issue occurs, we will fix it, though Josetta being a mature product we do not expect such thing.

It is important to note that this will have no effect on sites using Josetta. First, being licensed under the GPL, you can keep using Josetta for as long as you wish. Second, as it is a data-entry tool, not used in the actual display of a site pages, the Joomla! native multilingual system will carry on displaying your pages as before. Likewise, even if you decide to remove Josetta from your site entirely, now or in the future, no translation will be lost, as they are all safely stored in Joomla! itself (that was the beauty of the concept!).

The free-of-charge Community version will stay available from our download area in the foreseeable future, and as soon as all Josetta subscriptions have expired, we will make the full version available for download for everyone. We are also talking to a couple of other extensions providers to take over, and will post updates should anything happens on that front. If you have an interest in taking over Josetta, please contact us (email address in footer of this page).

Despite the discontinuation happening on January 20, it is already not possible any longer to purchase Josetta subscription for obvious reasons.

In other news, we are releasing today as well another sh404SEF maintenance release, and will have many new features added to it and wbAMP at the beginning of the coming year.

Whishing you all well for the holiday season,