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4SEO version 4.9.0


We're pleased to announce the release of 4SEO version 4.9.0. This is a feature and maintenance release with many changes and improvements, plus several new full translations

Here are the highlights:

  • Added ability to create aliases: another type of redirect which is easier to create, faster to execute but limited in trigger conditions and target URLs
  • Added feature and alert to optionally block IA robots such as those from ChatGPT to crawl the website
  • Added full translation to Arabic, Finnish, Greek, Hungarian, Norwegian, Romanian, Swedish and Chinese
  • Added option to override Joomla full page cache plugin when applying redirects rules
  • When conservative or progressive caching is enabled in Joomla global configuration, 4SEO can now detect and use for social networks sharing the 'Intro' and 'Full' com_content articles images, as soon as the page is analyzed. Before, it would fall back to using the largest image on the page.
  • Now using official schema.org notation for dayOfWeek instead of community shortcuts
  • Now escaping title and meta description before output else invalid characters may break the page output
  • Added workaround for Joomla 4 issue adding layout=blog to pages, may result in incorrect canonical link
  • Now including site host hash and current version in subscribers update authorization request
  • Workaround for Joomla 4 turning spaces in images file names into %20 for local images when used as article images, breaking local image size detection
  • There should not be a custom field selector input field on the Default person tab of structured data settings
  • On frontend editing, IndexNow panel spills over footer

Please see this page for a full changelog. This release is immediately available both from the download area and using the one-click Joomla! updater of your web site.

Best regards