4SEO version 1.2.0


We're pleased to announce the release of 4SEO version 1.2.0. This is a feature release with multiple improvements and a few fixes. It is advised to Reset Analysis after updating, in order to get updated information.

Here are the highlights:

  • Added sitemap control rules to exclude group of pages based on their URLs, categories or age (days since creation/modification)
  • Added sitemap support for excluding archived articles, either globally or using rules for partial exclusions.
  • Auto-detect, rebuild and submit sitemap when canonical or robots tags changes in a page
  • Use content-base hashing for sitemaps identification, instead of random. Avoids resubmitting to search engines when sitemap is rebuilt but is actually the same as previous.
  • Added setting to enable/disable applying robots.txt rules to exclude pages from analysis
  • Do not collect links from pages with a nofollow meta tag
  • Added option to decide whether to log external 404 errors. Avoid robots requests cluttering the error logs.
  • Added full Dutch translation, thanks to Davy Renckens
  • Added alerts dismissal system, messages and alerts can be permanently dismissed or be reminded later. Also added a system config button to bring back immediately alerts where 'Remind me later' has been selected.
  • Content replacer now automatically avoids replacing inside of HTML elements when creating a link
  • Also record external pages linked through redirects instead of just internal ones.
  • Added a search box in the image file manager
  • Added more protection in case of invalid canonical URL found in existing page
  • Updated remote image size detection code, size of more images can be detected.

Please see this page for a full changelog. This release is immediately available both from the download area and using the one-click Joomla! updater of your web site.

Best regards