first of all, thanks for the great Extension.
Currently i build my first AMP/Joomla Site with your Extension.

Some Feature request i have, maybe you will include this.

Aggregate Rating.

At the moment there is no Option to include Aggregate Rating functionality into the AMP App.

Praxis example:

I use the Extension Komento, Webblr is able to parse the exsting comments and display tham also in the AMP Version.

What i looking for is, to Markup this Comments and Ratings via Aggregate Rating Markup.


Markup Youtube-Videos with the VideoObject-Markup
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    Friday, December 22 2017, 06:05 PM - #Permalink

    The AMP schema. org markup is only useful if you have a "standalone" AMP site, ie a site which is entirely AMP, without any standard HTML version. In the usual setup, with the standard HTML version and the AMP version separate, what matters is the structured data in your standard HTML version.
    For this reason, although we plan on including more in the future, it is unlikely that we will include such feature, especially for specific, non-core extensions such as Komento. Maybe Komento can provide a connector for wbAMP actually, that would be the best solution. But again, that's only useful if you do not have a standard HTML site.

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