I'm trying to set up sh404. I edited the htaccess.txt in .htaccess. I activated sh404 in the settings: "Enable URL optimization"
Enable remote configuration
Enable security functions "

If I understand correctly, I must also change the configuration of joomla rewriting urls. But when I put this parameter on "yes", only the home page works ....
What should I do?
thank you
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    Monday, July 22 2019, 07:25 AM - #Permalink

    What should I do?
    Nothing inside sh404SEF. The symptoms you describe ("...only the home page works"...) means that you .htaccess (the one that came with Joomla) is not appropriate for your hosting company. You need to change it according to the requirements of your hosting. Best place to look for information is your hosting company themselves.

    Once you have a proper .htaccess file, URL rewriting will work either with just Joomla SEF or with sh404SEF - the requirements are the same for both.

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