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Much happening on the Accelerated Mobile Pages front these days. As AMP usage is expanding, and a little time has passed, I think we are now pass the initial problems of doing the AMP conversion, and getting more into the "industrial" phase of adding AMP to websites. Data confirming increased traffic all point to key point in success: AMP is all about the user experience. Display of AMP pages in Bing or Google results is very fast, but if users click on any link an those pages only to land on the slow-again standard mobile site, much of the benefit is lost.

In other words, we should strive to provide as much AMP experience as possible, and this is why from day one wbAMP let you display navigation menus, click through to AMP versions of other pages and navigate through pages of categories listing.

In the same way, if your AMP page is stripped to the bones, completely set apart from visually from your standard site, chances are engagement will be low, because you are not promoting your brand, or using it consistently.

Today I am very happy to announce 2 major steps in that direction: Disqus support, a Joomla-Monster dedicated AMP theme, and AMP support in DJ-Classifieds

wbAMP Disqus support

wbAMP now supports Disqus commenting on AMP pages, allowing user interaction directly on AMP pages. We will release it within days, but it's already available to subscribers in the development downloads area. It's already running on weeblr.com, so feel free to leave a comment on the AMP version of this very blog!

Joomla-Monster AMP theme + DJ-Classifieds

Another trend that we can expect to see growing is extensions and templates developers adding AMP support to their products. As AMP becomes more and more mainstream, many sites owner should now find readily available AMP themes, to ensure easy implementation.

After ironing out the tech details with us over the last few months, I am very pleased that Joomla-Monster has released JM Amp, an AMP theme plugin for wbAMP, and added AMP support to their well-known Joomla classifieds extension, DJ-Classifieds.

DJ-Classifieds is the best rated classified ads extension for Joomla. It allows building professional classifieds and auctions websites with plenty features, such as subscription plans, points packages, custom fields, advanced search and filters, direct payments, paid promotions, paid categories, buy now options and much more!

Since version 3.6.3, DJ-Classifieds now comes with AMP-specific layouts, designed to operate with wbAMP conversion engine. These layouts ensures that your DJ-Classifieds pages will have a good looking and functional AMP version.

The JM Amp theme comes with a dedicated AMP look and feel. It lets you customize colors and many aspects of your pages. And of course, it does the same for the DJ-Classifieds listings.

Equally important is the fact that JM Amp provides appropriate AMP structured data information for DJ-Classifieds. This means your DJ-CLassifieds pages will be able to rank for the top stories carousel and whatever search engines display improvement AMP pages will get.

JM Amp is available for $19/year, and wbAMP subscribers here at Weeblr will find a coupon code for a 15% discount on our Partners page.

Joomla-Monster and DJ-Classifieds are the first I know of, and I look forward to more Joomla! extensions providing AMP support in the near future!



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