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Installation / Updates / Uninstallation

wbReactiv is a system plugin. Download it from our site and install it using the Joomla! extension manager. wbReactiv will auto-enable it upon installation, so there's no additional action to be taken after a successful installation.

In case of new versions being made available, follow the exact same process. You can follow us on Twitter to be notified of new versions, or subscribe with RSS to our Releases and security page.

To entirely remove wbReactiv, uninstall it using the Joomla! extension manager. wbReactiv doesn't store any data either in files or in the database.

Use on Joomla users list

On the Joomla! users list, a small icon will be displayed by wbReactiv for each user that has not yet activated his account:

Detailed view of resend activation email on users list

Clicking on that icon will resend the Joomla! email allowing users to activate their account. After a few seconds, the resend icon will be replaced by a "Resent" message (or an error message in case something happened).

Users list after resending email

wbReactiv will display a resend icon next to the user listing as long as her account has not been activated. If you resend the activation email, but then come back later and refresh the user list, a resend icon will be displayed again, until the user has finally activated his account.

Use on Joomla user profile view

wbReactiv will also display a resend icon on Joomla! user edit page, if the account has not been activated. Usage is the same as on the full users list, only the visual appearance of the button is different:

Resend activation email on Joomla uer edit page