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Hi all,

Once again we participated in this year JandBeyond edition, and what an edition it was! This time, the Joomla! crowd of more than 200 gathered in sunny Barcelona.

As usual, the event spans 3 days, with a fairly busy schedule of talks and keynotes, but it also leaves plenty of times for discussions and informal meetings - most of times with plenty of food an drinks availables! There are 4 synchronized tracks, meaning you can switch from one to another at any time. I'll get back to the programme in a minute, but this time, something happened that made this year very, very special:

wbAMP was selected as Joomla!
innovation of the year!

A regular fixture at JandBeyond is the J.O.S.C.A.R.S. event. Attendees pick the finest extensions, templates, sites or services of the year. This year recipients include such famous Joomla names as Akeeba Backup, AcyMailing, Gantry and individuals such as Brian Teeman, Radek Suski or Jean-Marie Simonet. But as they put it on the internet, you won't believe what happened next...

Our latest extension, wbAMP, was selected as the innovation of the year by the jury! I can't remember the last time I won an award - probably because I never did - so this came as a big surprise. A nice one though, and we can't be thankful enough for those who voted us in, as well as those who spread the word about this new technology.

As with many entirely new technology topics like AMP, and AMP on Joomla, things are moving fast and we still have quite a lot of work ahead, but such recognition is an incredible incentive to keep going forward, bringing up the latest in SEO and mobile to Joomla users.

There was actually more for us at JandBeyond, as I also had 2 sessions: one about wbAMP of course, and another about the practical use of Google Search console and Google Analytics to improve your site efficiency and results. I will publish a dedicated blog about each topic in the coming days, including slides and a bit of background on each case.

[EDIT] You can find my wbAMP talk on this page. If you are wondering about what AMP is, whether you should set it up on your site and how, this is probably a good place to start!

Many thanks again to the Joomla community for this award, and on to more great features in our extensions.



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