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Structured data has become one of the most important tool in an SEO toolbox these days. They let us help search engines understand page content and are a key element in getting prominent display in search results (search carousels, products carousel, AMP, rich snippets, etc).

Structured data are reasonably easy to add to a site, they are also fairly easy to get wrong with small glitches rendering en entire set of carefully crafted code invalid.

SEOInfo will automatically detect structured data found in the pages you browse and will automatically validate them. You will also get a full list of any structured data found, whether the recommended JSON+LD format or microdata.

Automatic structured data validation

SEOInfo now has a full integration of Google structured data validator. It will perform a full check of structured data found on the page you are currently viewing. This validation is done in the background and may take a few seconds before we get a response from Google validator.

Alert in case of errors or warnings

Simply navigating to a page will start the validation process. As usual, the SEOInfo icon will lit up with a count of errors or warning if any of them happen. You can then quickly dig through the full formatted list of structured data with error messages:

SEOInfo alert for invalid structured data

Full results

Any bit of structured data as interpreted by Google will be display on the Validation sub-tab. Elements in errors or that triggered a warning are visually marked. Full error messages are included when possible:

SEOInfo display of structured data full validation

Here is an example of a warning happening on an otherwise valid piece of structured data:

SEOInfo display of structured data validation with warning

Likewise, errors are displayed and explained:

SEOInfo display of structured data validation with warning

Structured data display

On the In content sub-tab, you will find the raw version of all JSON-+LD structured data found on the current page.

Clicking the Validate Structured Data link will take you to the online Google Validator where you can also perform the same validation found on the "Validation" sub-tab.

SEOInfo display of in content structured data