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SEOInfo provides a lot of information about Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) pages. The most important one is that it will validate AMP pages in the background, without you having to navigate to a validator.

More importantly, it will perform AMP validation when you navigate on the standard HTML version of an AMP page.

A consequence of that is that you will be informed of any AMP validation error simply as you navigate your website: no need to specifically navigate to the AMP version.

AMP status display

Page has an AMP version

If the current page is NOT an AMP page but it has an AMP version, the icon will change to:

SEOInfo icon when page has AMP version screenshot

Page is an AMP page

When visiting an AMP page, the icon will change to:

SEOInfo icon when page is AMP screenshot

AMP validation

Whenever you navigate to an AMP page, or navigate to an HTML page that has an AMP version, SEOInfo will automatically trigger a background validation of that page.

Firefox restrictions

Due to restrictions from Mozilla add-ons store, and from version 1.3.0, all AMP-related features have been removed from the Firefox version of SEOInfo.

Quick display

If errors or warnings are found, the SEOInfo icon will lit up with the errors count:

SEOInfo icon when page has errors screenshot

Whenever the warnings/errors counter is displayed you can hover the icon with your mouse to see a summary of the errors:

SEOInfo icon and summary of errors screenshot

Detailed display

If you open up the SEOInfo popup, the AMP section will tell you:

  • whether the page is AMP, or has an AMP version
  • the URL of the AMP version, or the canonical version if on an AMP page
  • a Load button to open that AMP or canonical page
  • a summary of errors/warning

On a standard HTML page

SEOInfo AMP section summary for an HTML page

On an AMP page

SEOInfo AMP section summary for an AMP page

Validation errors

If any error or warning occurs, the summary is displayed similar to:

SEOInfo AMP section summary for an AMP page with errors

Selecting the AMP tab that has now become available will display the full error report from the standard AMP project validator:

SEOInfo AMP tab for an AMP page with errors

Google AMP Cache

SEOInfo has specific support for the Google AMP cache. For any AMP page, it will:

  • tell you if that page is already present in the Google AMP cache
  • if not, display a button to add it instantly:

SEOInfo AMP section summary for an AMP page


Reading/adding to the Google cache requires a Google developer API key to operate. You will need to get one from and enter it under the OPTIONS tab of SEOInfo