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SEOInfo changelog

2023-07-16 11:00

2023-07-16Version 2.2.1

bugStructured data validation button and link should not be visible when saving SEO information to another tab

2023-07-14Version 2.2.0

chgAdded link to Ko-Fi Buy me a coffee page. Please help support development of this extension

2022-08-26Version 2.1.0

chgUpdated AMP validator on Chrome version to using WASM version
bugJavascript error in console when one or more Hreflang links validation fail.

2021-08-15Version 2.0.1

chgChanged structured data testing tool link in popup Structured data tab

2021-08-15Version 2.0.0

chgSwitched to validating structured data on demand instead of automatically
chgUpdated Structured data validator URL
bugWhen JSON-LD structured data on a page uses the @graph property, undefined is displayed instead.
bugExtension fails to display content if one of the HReflang references is invalid due to canonicalization error.

2020-10-01Version 1.4.2

2020-06-29Version 1.4.1

bugWeb Vitals are not displayed in extension popup

2020-06-23Version 1.4.0

newNow reporting all Google Web Vitals data (on supporting browsers, chromium-based only as of now).
chgResources blocked by robots directive now triggers a warning instead of an error on SEOInfo icon
chgCan now manage same URLs with different content in separate tabs

2020-05-20Version 1.3.1

chgRestored display of Lighthouse/Sitespeed audit thumbnails, lost after a change in their API

2020-01-24Version 1.3.0

newUpdated SERP results to display favicon and URL above title.
chgMade AMP-related features optional per browser platform so as to get the Firefox version back to Mozilla extensions store (hopefully)

2019-12-13Version 1.2.2

chgNow using DOMPurifier on popup HTML output

2019-12-13Version 1.2.1

chgFirefox version now uses an embedded AMP validator due to Mozilla restrictions. Chrome and other browsers version still use up to date AMP validator.

2019-10-25Version 1.2.0.

newAdded Spanish translation by Carlos M. Cámara - @carcam
chgDo not ask for webRequestBlocking permission, not needed

2019-05-02Version 1.1.1

chgAdded support for AMP pages in Google SERP preview
bugRunning SEOInfo on localhost can cause an error to be displayed in the browser console.
bugSome invalid structured data may cause some SEOInfo parts to be displayed

2019-04-04Version 1.1.0

newNow displaying microdata structured data and using them in Google SERP preview (before we'd only use JSON-LD structured data in SERP preview)

2019-03-24Version 1.0.0

newPrevious page title display now replaced with a full Google SERP preview snippet
bugHRefLang may be incorrectly flagged as invalid on home page where canonical and hreflang differ by a trailing slash

2019-03-15Version 0.9.0

newExport resources list and links list - with validation data - to an Excel file
newHRefLang validation now also checks that all pages involved in HRefLang network are not canonicalized to another page.
chgSize and load times details are now provided for each resource (css, js, images,...)
chgStyling on links and audit lists filters
chgLarger font for Page Speed Insight results help text
chgNow using simpler checkboxes visual
bugHRefLang tags with both a script variation and a location code are incorrectly considered invalid.

2019-02-26Version 0.8.1

bugSEOInfo crashes on some sites on Firefox after last release - closes #39
bugCannot open accordions for options on pages that are blocked from running SEOInfo - closes #36
bugUncategorized Structured data errors are not displayed - closes #37
bugStructured data French language strings missing
bugAudit data is not saved (or at least displayed) after closing the popup - closes #38

2019-02-22Version 0.8.0

newFull integration of Google Structured Data testing tool
newFull integration of Google Pagespeed Insight API: performance, accessibility, SEO, Best practice and Progressive Web Apps, both for Mobile and Desktop audits
newDetection of service workers, display of URL, manifest URL and manifest content
chgSimpler layout of options page
chgNow using icons for some commands in toolbar instead of text

2019-01-31Version 0.7.0

newSet list of sites where SEOInfo should or should not run. Can use wildcards to restrict running to one or many sites with just one option line
chgNow showing current page language, if any found
chgBumped limit on number of Hrelang links to check dynamically from 30 to 100
chgAdded bottom secondary Save button on Options page
chgAdded carbonads and buysellads to robots.txt check exclusion list
bugError messages in Saved pages are not colored in red
bugDetails of errors in static analysis of HrefLang tags are not displayed when saving the results using
bugInvalid HrefLang message may sometimes not be displayed on extension icon (error counter is)
bugIncorrect initialization on Chrome
bugProtocol-relative links break links validation.

2019-01-22Version 0.6.1

bugDuplicate keys in language files

2019-01-22Version 0.6.0

newHRefLang tags are validated against specification, including loading targets to check for reciprocal links. Includes robots.txt check, language, country code and script variation checks on all pages in hreflang set.
newCanonical links blocked by robots.txt are now reported: as errors in icon error counter and in main popup
newAll links on a page can be validated upon request by user
newOn AMP pages, now displaying whether page is in Google AMP cache. If so, show button to display it. It no, show button to add current page to the Google AMP cache.
newAdded an Options section to enter extensions settings, currently only Google developer API key
newCan make a screenshot of the current page. Screenshot can also be included when saving page report.
chgWhen displaying page on one of the AMP caches, link to the original AMP page instead of the cached page itself
chgLinks to validate structured data, mobile compat, etc in Saved reports now open in a separate tab.
chgAn AMP page now displays the URL of its canonical counterpart, if any, and has a button to load that page (just like regular pages can load their AMP version)
bugStructured data created as array of records were not picked up.
bugCanonical AMP not correctly detected

2018-12-20Version 0.5.1

chgImproved HTTP protocol detection method - requires Chrome 61+ or Firefox 51+

2018-12-20Version 0.5.0

newNow displaying server IP address and HTTP protocol used (http2 vs http1)
newNow displaying all response headers from server for current page
newRecording and displaying server-side redirects used to access current page, if any
chgAdded a warning when a page is loaded by a service worker which prevents SEOInfo to get the HTTP status
bugStructured data referring to instead of are not detected

2018-12-12Version 0.4.1

chgDo not consider maximum-scale=1 and user-scalable=no in viewport tag as making the page non mobile-compatible.
chgWhen saving page analysis, prompt user for a custom title, default to current date and time
chgAdded unit after FCP display on main perf graph
bugCustom title not working when saving a page analysis if page URL has a # sign
bugHandle sites where canonical link is not fully qualified
bugHandle sites where amphtml link is not absolute
bugResources with scheme-relative URLs are not properly verified.

2018-12-05Version 0.4.0

newNow showing First Paint and First Contentful Paint timing on supporting browsers (that would be Chrome as of now)
chgSkip request made by browser for favicon.ico
chgClearer labels for sizes and transferred data

2018-11-16Version 0.3.2

chgUpdated extension description to comply with stores requirements

2018-11-16Version 0.3.1

newAdded link to documentation
newAdded French translation
newAdded a list of known common hosts for which robots.txt check is bypassed
newPage analysis can now be saved to a separate tab for printing and saving
newNow applying robots.txt to resources (js, css) to detect when search engines cannot properly represent the page
newNow reading robots.txt in the background and applying to current page for indexability
newNow displaying HTTP status and indexability
newExtracted all messages and added internationalization support

2018-11-15Version 0.2.1

newDetecting nofollow and noindex from meta tags or X-Robots-Tag response header