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Page audit

Google Page Speed Insight API (PSI) is a brilliant tool that performs a full audit of any page accessible on the web. It is available online for free and lets you test any page from a Performance stand point.

SEOInfo now includes a full integration of PSI API. Because we use the PSI API, SEOInfo can actually perform a much larger audit range the Google own online tool. The audit includes:

  • Performance
  • Accessibility
  • Best Practices
  • SEO
  • Progressive Web App

How to

Because the full audit can take a bit of time (usually 5 to 10 seconds), it has to be triggered manually. The audit can be run either on the desktop or the mobile version of your site.

Select the Audit tab of SEOInfo and then either the Desktop or Mobile sub-tab:

SEOInfo start a full page audit

Then click the Audit page button and wait for completion:

SEOInfo full page audit in progress


When completed, the full set of analysis and recommendation is displayed on the audit tab.

Be cautious when using results

Please note that this audit is performed by Google using well known good practices and generally valid principles. Each website is different, use different technology, has different audiences and goals.

You need to review each error and recommendation carefully before trying to fix or apply them. They might sometimes be harmful to your site performance or quality. Specifically, there is no point in trying to achieve a perfect 100 score. While the audit may look good, this could sometimes degrade the actual performance of the site.


Screenshots are included for the final state of the page rendering, as well as at regular interval

SEOInfo audit screenshots

Selectors and categories

Selectors let you view only audit items with errors, with potential for improvements or all that passed with success

Results are broken down into the 5 categories mentioned earlier. Each category has a global score. Click on a category header to view itemized results

SEOInfo audit results overview

Detailed results

When opening a category, each item is an audit specific test result. At first, full details are hidden but do include information on the error/recommendation usually with a link to more background information.

SEOInfo audit item results overview

You can then get the full technical details of this item by clicking on the Details... button:

SEOInfo audit item full results

Another example in the Accessibility category:

SEOInfo audit item full results

and after opening the Details... section:

SEOInfo audit item full results