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4Podcast changelog

2024-05-27 14:10build 374

2024-05-27Version 3.1.0

chgAdded css classes to platform links text and icon for css targeting; also hide names on mobile devices byb default
bugPossible deprecation warning in PHP log files when article with podcast episode is displayed through a Joomla Tags page
bugPossible deprecation warnings when opening a podcast episode article

2024-05-15Version 3.0.0

newAdded support for showing icons and links to podcasting platforms underneath the player
newAdded translation for Arabic, Czech, Danish, German, Finnish, Greek, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Swedish and Chinese
newAdded episode thumbnail field for better display performance of audio-player
bugOn website blog or list views, that URL is shared to social networks instead of that of the episode

2023-12-09Version 2.0.2

bugIcon to copy podcast link in sharing dialog does nothing, does not have actual link to feed
bugNumber of items in podcast fields is limited by Joomla to the category blog layout limit

2023-11-07Version 2.0.1

chgDisable frequency chart visualizer on Safari 15 and older, audio plays but not sound is heard
chgDefault audio vizualizer is now Simple 3 lines animation instead of live frequency chart. All vizualisation options still available in the podcast settings

2023-10-17Version 2.0.0

chgSuppress button press highlighting by some browser on mobile devices
chgUpdated ESBuild config to use actual file content hashes (esbuild hashes are not content hashes)
chgMinor tweaks for Joomla 5 compatibility
chgAdded ability to add translation for new languages, or override existing translations, by dropping a json file in a subdirectory of /libraries/weeblr
chgNow including site host hash and current version in subscribers update authorization request
bugMissing CSS class causes episode image to cover the audio player on Safari
bugWhen multiple podcasts are created on the same site, episodes from other podcasts can spill into a podcast RSS feed

2023-07-14Version 1.4.1

bugLoading media file overlay spinner is not removed on Safari and Firefox on Apple devices, preventing use of the player
bugIn some languages, Reset stats button may not work

2023-03-17Version 1.4.0

chgChanged API endpoint address to /index.php/_wblapi. Also always include nolangfilter=1 in API requests, to prevent language filter redirects
bugMissing UTF-8 response header in podcast rss feed
bugDownloads tracking does not work on Joomla 4
bugTypo in rel=noopener attribute on some external links
bugPHP error when triggering updates through the Joomla 4 command-line application
bugLinks to podcast articles included in RSS feed may not be always correct, depending on the Joomla website menu structure, when using regular Joomla SEF URLs system.

2023-02-03Version 1.3.2

bugIncorrect podcast feed URL on multilingual sites, when not in default language and using Joomla native SEF system (ie: working fine with sh404SEF/4SEF)
bugCannot create Podcast show custom field on Joomla 3

2023-01-16Version 1.3.1

newMerged full Polish translation by Marcin Równicki
bugShow artwork itunes tag is missing href tag, may not always validate with 3rd-party platforms

2023-01-10Version 1.3.0

newAll standard iTunes podcast categories are now available in settings instead of having to search for them on the web
newAdded automatic detection of podcast media file duration and file length
newAdded button to reset statistics for each episode

2022-12-21Version 1.2.0

newFull Turkish translation by Mehmet Taş
chgCompleted Spanish translation by Carlos Cámara
bugTracking media load in external platforms prevent shows to happen on Apple and Google platforms (was still working fine for all others)

2022-12-16Version 1.1.9

bugFeed not rendering on servers with PHP short tags enabled
bugJoomla 4 internal metadata from media manager is not trimmed from episode image when injected in RSS feed
bugChannel owner is not output to feed if only an email is provided, instead of a name
bugPHP fatal error when showing episode on some servers using MariaDB

2022-12-15Version 1.1.8

chgMoved duration field right after the main file input field
chgRemoved unused language strings
chgAdded tracking of downloads through a URL, may allow tracking downloads from platforms
chgAdded per platform download identifier in media URLs
chgAdded analytics for social networks sharing events
chgBetter positioning of player controls in compact mode

2022-12-07Version 1.1.7

chgFull French translation
chgAdded help text and links to documentation on system plugin settings page
chgApplied max-height to social networks sharing modal dialog
chgAdded auto-enabling the plugin on 1st installation and improved post-install message
chgTooltip incorrectly says that all episodes without an image will default to the show image
chgFine-tuned input fields help texts
chgAdded 4Podcast logo
chgCompact mode button now always rotates in the same direction

2022-12-05Version 1.1.6

chgSmall animation when switching from compact to normal mode and back

2022-12-05Version 1.1.5

bugDon't output animation CSS classes on buttons that don't animate

2022-12-04Version 1.1.4

chgFixed update system

2022-12-04Version 1.1.3

chgInclude show name when sharing using the native browser sharing API
chgCenter sharing icons in the sharing dialog, while keeping close button to the side
bugSharing button does not work

2022-12-02Version 1.1.2

chgCenter items vertically inside main container

2022-12-02Version 1.1.1

bugLosing focus when switching to next color theme using the keyboard

2022-12-02Version 1.1.0

2022-12-02Version 1.0.12

newAdded a compact player mode. Default set in the options. User can toggle it on/off
chgReworked layouts at smaller width
chgMade player text translatable, provide English, French and Spanish built-in
chgDisplay episode titles on 2 lines max
chgAdded options to individually enable/disable each of the player visual elements
chgAdded player max width setting
bugArticles with no episode associated with them were still listed in the feed

2022-11-21Version 1.0.11

chgDon't output anything if episode's been defined but no media file assigned
bugEmpty duration may trigger a fatal error on PHP 8+
bugInvalid version compare operator, may result in fatal error depending on PHP version
bugNo visualization displayed despite selecting one

2022-11-16Version 1.0.9

newAdded support for displaying an image per episode
newAdded structured data generation
chgAdded show email option
chgPrevent multiple initialization of wbLib library
bugOnly show Podcast link copy button if there exists a podcast link

2022-11-15Version 1.0.8

chgCSS: bottom of component is cut-off at some screen sizes, including shadow.

2022-11-15Version 1.0.7

chgImproved loading of stylesheets, prevents more FOUC/CLS.
chgAdded opacity transition while the custom component is unresolved

2022-11-15Version 1.0.6

chgAdded a gap between speed, theme and link buttons, were too close to each other

2022-11-15Version 1.0.5

chgAdded a global episode footer description, appended to each episode
chgAdded an enable option to individual episodes, allow publishing item later
chgMake all links in description and feed absolute, even if editor turned them back to root-relative
chgUse subform instead of a custom form field to render individual episode input form
bugPlayer configuration may be included twice sometimes

2022-11-12Version 1.0.5

chgOnly set default height to auto when container is smaller than document when container is less than 768px (md responsive breakpoint)

2022-11-11Version 1.0.5

chgAdded button to copy show link
chgAdded all:initial at start of custom element styles, prevent inherited properties to bleed into the player

2022-11-11Version 1.0.3

chgAdded a bit more height to the page html elements, player was cutoff at the bottom on real mobile device (working in dev tools)

2022-11-11Version 1.0.2

chgFinally solved injecting tailwind automatically, both in dev (vite) and production builds
chgAdded settings to inject custom css both at page level and inside each custom element instance