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Installation and updates

Before attempting to install 4LOGS on your site, please review its technical requirements.

Do not try to install in case something don't fit, you may break your site. Pretty much everything is reversible, but it may cost unrequired efforts to do so.


As with any substantial change you make to your website, we certainly encourage you to perform installation and setup on a test copy of your site. When everything is tested, you can then move on to production.


You may download 4LOGS as a single zip file from our download area. Though 4LOGS is made of several parts (2 plugins, language files), the zip file contains all of them.


4LOGS is installed as any other extension, through Joomla! installer. Installation of the single zip file downloaded from our site will take care of all dependencies, and there is no additional step to take after installation. 4LOGS does not require any configuration.


Updates are signalled through the regular Joomla updates notifications system. Updates are performed as well through Joomla one-click updater.