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4LOGS changelog

2022-05-31 12:49build 230

2022-05-31Version 1.2.1

chg4Logs should not have a download id

2022-03-04Version 1.2.0

newMerged full French translation
newMerged full Turkish translation by Mehmet Taş
chgAdded authorUrl tag in package manifest, needed by some management platforms
bugPossible PHP warning on servers where open_basedir is set

2021-08-20Version 1.1.2

chgAdjust update manifest file to include Joomla 3.10

2021-08-20Version 1.1.1

chgSome site with custom admin templates may change CSS classes names, may cause fatal errors

2021-08-06Version 1.1.0

newAdded button to delete entire log folder at a time
chgDo not display post-install message on uninstalls
chgRemoved useless installer plugin as 4LOGS does not require authentication to allow updates
chgAdjust to Joomla RC4 CSS class naming
chgDon't stop the app if another extension causes a javascript fatal error, just log it to the console.
chgBetter styling of 'No files in logs folder' message
bugPossible error if logs folder does not exist

2021-05-27Version 1.0.1

chgAdded license notices in files missing them for JED compliance

2021-05-27Version 1.0.0

newEnhanced file viewing for files below 250KB, larger files have a simpler display mode
newNow replacing Joomla default plugin content for larger and better viewing
chgHeader and toolbars now sticks to top of page
chgVarious headers changes to accomodate JED checker
chgMoved CLose button to the left, reduce confusion with Joomla own close button
bugPossible PHP notices upon loading the plugin page.