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I want to install this extension but i have concerns about our theme design. Is there any difference between the free version and the paid version at this point?
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    Monday, October 21 2019, 02:21 PM - #Permalink

    As with any AMP implementation, your site template is not used at all. None of the design of the template is reproduced on the AMP version of the page as those designs require:

    - an external CSS file
    - most often some javascript.

    Both of those are forbidden on AMP pages so we cannoth use your template at all. It will be the same for any AMp extension, Joomla or WordPress.

    You ought to customize the AMP version of your pages with CSS. You can enter CSS in the "Custom styles" input field of wbAMP settings.

    When getting the full version, you can opt for the "wbAMP+Theme" version which has several color, fonts and size options (see documentation on this page) which are much easier than adding CSS code. However you will have to enter custom CSS code if some of the changes you want to do are not covered by the options in wbAMP Taylor theme.

    Generally speaking, you do not need to have the AMP page an exact copy of your regular site but you should aim for having something "similar", ie where users "feels" like they are on the same site.

    Best regards
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