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Yes my subscription expired.

After the fact I've tried to renew it, however I cannot login using my original login in order to renew. I have tried to reset the password, I get the email but I still can't login, I receive username or password incorrect.

Iv'e tried to re register only to be told that the email already exists. I would have telephoned but I can't find any contact details on the web site.

In order to get this far I've created an email account to use for a login. So how do I renew my subscription for sh404 please?

Thank you

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    Tuesday, July 25 2017, 10:48 AM - #Permalink

    Please contact us by email (address in footer of this page, with other links). Be sure to provide the email address and or user name you use for the previous account.

    Usually, when one cannot reset password, it's because the account was never activated (using the link in activation email). Joomla gets confused in that case (because it uses the same DB field for both activation and password reset). We can sort it out manually however.

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    Tuesday, July 25 2017, 10:57 AM - #Permalink
    Argh i missed the email icon completely.

    Thank you and email sent.
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