using Joomla 3.9 with the sh404sef seems that on certain url these are getting duplicated by themselves. It seems a very random process that goes on some articles, and not in all of them. Is there a way to avoid it?
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    Thursday, June 27 2019, 09:11 AM - #Permalink

    Depends what you call duplicates. If you mean that there are URLs listed in the "Duplicates" column then it means all the duplicates that Joomla and your extensions generated (usually by using multiple Itemids) have been recognized and grouped together under only one single public SEF URL. So sh404SEF is doing exactly what it's supposed to do and has protected you from these Joomla duplicates to be visible from search engines.

    If that's not what you mean, then you'll have to ope a support ticket at our helpdesk with all required details including full and real URLs involved. You are currentrly on public forum, where we can only reply to pre-sale questions.

    Thanks and regards
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